Three Reasons to Invest in Costa Rican Property

Property in Costa Rica is a hotspot for real estate investors for many reasons.  This tropical paradise has been dubbed by CNBC as “the hottest real estate market on the face of the planet” and in the following information, we will explain why more Americans (per capita) reside in Costa Rica than any other country outside of the US.  The breathtakingly beautiful landscape of this area combined with the lovely weather is more than enough reason for most real estate moguls to buy investment property in Costa Rica; however, there are other benefits, as well. 

It is easy for most individuals to adjust to life in Costa Rica.  Latin America is the only Latin American country that has an established organization to help retirees make the move and provides complete information for these individuals to make the process of moving, much simpler.  The majority of the citizens are friendly to Americans and many speak English, as well.  Wi-fi is available in many locations and Costa Rica offers several American products and services, as well.  In addition, the currency in Costa Rica is based on USD, which is easier for American investors or homebuyers and more financially beneficial to Europeans. 

Life in Costa Rica is more affordable than living the United States.  The average cost per month to live in Costa Rica is about $1,500 (excluding rent).  Costa Rica has several programs, services and more that make living in this stunning location, simple and inexpensive.  Home tax and utility bills are approximately 1/4 of the cost that the average American pays.  Costa Rica offers health care for incredibly reasonable prices and offers “cradle to grave” coverage.  Hired help (housekeeping, grounds keeping, assistants, nurses, home health care, etc.) is also incredibly affordable, as well, as compared to average rates in the United States and the UK.  Public transportation in Costa Rica is top-notch and is very affordable, too.  Fruits and vegetables are available year-round and for exceptionally lower prices because there is no need for trade or transportation tax.  Local financing is also available to individuals from other locations that choose to invest in Costa Rica.  In addition, Costa Ricans typically live longer than individuals living in America do and the World Health Organization deems Costa Rica, a healthier place to live than the United States. 

Costa Rica is known as a safe place to live.  Moreover, Costa Rica does not have an army and has no enemies.  Therefore, this country is known for its peaceful neutrality in world affairs.  Costa Ricans and individuals who move to this country appreciate the low crime rate and the overall sense of security.  The Costa Rican government is the oldest and most stable democracy in Central America.  Costa Ricans boast the fact that there are more teachers than police officers in this country and that schoolchildren are able to handle crowd control during election time.  In addition, Costa Rica offers a safe and controlled legal environment (e.g. – Folio Real- National land register, escrow services around the country and title insurance companies) to ensure investor rights.

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