Things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American paradise with an exciting and fun list of things to do. More than one million visitors are drawn to Costa Rica’s exotic wildlife (complete with brightly-colored toucans and howler monkeys), its essence of tropical beauty and the relaxed and peaceful pace that exudes from its residents, beaches and stunning landscape of Costa Rica. There are so many things to do in Costa Rica from scuba diving to horseback riding on the beach. In this article, we’ll try to list just a few:

For the extreme thrill-seeker/nature lover, the Costa Rican rain forest is one of the best places to go whitewater rafting. Taking a raft throughout Costa Rica can consume a full day or there are options to extend the trip overnight with an incredible stay at the Riverside Lodge, tucked away in the rain forest. There are a fun variety of different levels of rapids ranging from milder, Class I rapids to a thrill-seeker’s dream: Class IV rapids.

Another must-see outdoor spectacle in Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano, which offers an exciting and dreadful rumble, quite regularly to its many visitors. The volcano sits inside Arenal Volcano National Park where visitors can enjoy a warm soak in the Tabacón Resort Hot Springs or stay at the Arenal Volcano towers. The Arenal Volcano Towers sit next a beautiful lake (populated by many windsurfers and fishermen) and draws visitors to its brilliant lava fireworks at night and its natural and eco-fun activities.

Another popular site for nature lovers, sightseers or world travelers in Costa Rica is the massive 26,000 acre Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, which sits amidst moisture-filled clouds and is filled with thousands of various animal, insect and plant species. This breathtakingly untouched area in Costa Rica is one primary reason why many travelers choose this area.

For those who love shopping, Sarchí is a town that sells fine goods such as, its famous brightly painted oxcarts, which can be ordered and shipped to a home address and are bought at charming, handicraft stores. This town also sells beautiful furniture and handcrafted wooden objects and furniture, leather, fabric and metal crafts, home furnishings and decorations. Nearby attractions, include the oxcart painting demonstrations at the Plaza de la Artesania shopping mall and local area, Zarcero where magical, topiary animal figures are sculpted to form living art.

For art and jewelry admirers, the Jade Museum features stunning, gold, stone and jade art in San José is a top pick for things to do in Costa Rica.

Tortuguero National Park is bordered by the Caribbean and consists of mangrove forests, canals and turtle nesting grounds where (July through October) visitors can take a trip to the beach at night to see the turtles lay their eggs and enjoy the other beautiful scenery in the area, as well.

Canopy tours are a popular activity in Costa Rica, as well. A large portion of the living creatures and insects are in the canopy (treetops) of the rainforest. Therefore, several canopy tours are available that focus on giving tourists a wild ride or offer fun, interesting information about the rainforest. Some versions let visitors slide from tree to tree while being secured by a thick cable with a harness. This is a thrilling adventure for adults and kids — guaranteed to bring the “Tarzan” out in anyone.

Fun Fact about Costa Rica

*Coffee was believed to have an energizing effect on workers, so in the mid 1800’s Costa Rica’s government mandated that all employees who worked building roads should receive one cup of coffee each day.

Costa Rica offers an abundance of activities, gorgeous scenery and interesting things to learn about, which is why many people consider Costa Rica, one of the most fun places on earth.

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