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Who Inherits an IRA?

If you currently own an IRA, you’ve probably wondered, at one time or another, who will inherit the account after you die. Though you might not have given this a lot of significant thought, it’s actually a very important thing Read More

Investing in Commercial Real Estate on a Budget

If you’ve always wanted to invest in commercial real estate but feel that it’s not a real possibility for you, it’s time to think again. Commercial real estate can be invested in passively. This allows you to get lower than Read More

Your Guide to Investing in Mortgage Notes and Trust Deeds

As long as you have an account with a valid bank or financial company, you can make money by investing in mortgage notes and trust deeds. Best of all, the process is a lot simpler than most people think. Your Read More

Borrowing and Lending with your Self Directed IRA

Many people are unaware that they can give loans to others from their self directed IRAs. This is actually fairly safe as long as the loan is secured. Usually, loans that are secured with real estate or something of great Read More

Make Money Tax Free

If you purchase or sell real estate for profit, you usually end up getting taxed heavily for your endeavor. Sometimes you might even end up realizing that the process wasn’t worth the time and effort at all. You might even Read More

Using Notes to Build Capital

If you are currently directing your own retirement investments but are finding it hard to make money and stay within the limits of the maximum contribution limitations of the government, know that you are not alone. This is, in fact, Read More

Making the Most of your IRA

As you may know, there are many different ways to make substantial amounts of cash using your IRA. Two of the most popular and easiest to use are creative lending and profit splits. In fact, using these methods you can Read More

The Top Secret Tip Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

Unfortunately, a lot of real estate investors miss out on a truly great money making and portfolio building opportunity, simply because they don’t know the tried and true secrets of a 1031 exchange. Using this tax code, investors are able Read More

Making Entity Investments in an IRA

It is very important that you, as an investor, understand all of the specific legal considerations that must go into investing your self directed IRA into any entity. Entities include corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships, and trusts. Before we Read More

Lease Options Using your Self Directed IRA

As an investor, you will be very happy to know that it is not necessary for you to have the full price of a property in your IRA in order to make a real estate investment. Using lease options, you Read More

Retiring with your Roth 401(k)

The most common of retirement plans require you to pay some sort of tax. In fact, this is so common that you may have thought it was just a hard fact of life that you had to deal with. The Read More

Run a Real Estate Business with your Roth IRA

If you currently have a Roth IRA, you might be confused about how you can realistically finance a business. It might seem that all the money is going directly into the IRA and, in a manner of speaking, it is. Read More

Self Directed IRAs Defined

A self directed IRA is a great option for many people, but it’s important that you understand exactly what these accounts are and the rules for dealing with them. The biggest rule to understand is what you are allowed to Read More

Understanding the Rules of Self Directed IRAs

Setting up a self directed IRA can be a truly wonderful endeavor. You will be able to make your own investment decisions and can earn a great deal of money to put toward your retirement. However, in order for you Read More

Understanding Prohibited Transactions

Many people find that they have a difficult time turning their self directed IRAs into money gaining investments. The most common reason for this is simply not understanding or misunderstanding the rules that dictate prohibited transactions. Unfortunately, these rules can Read More

Use A LLC and Make Self Directed Investing A Breeze

Any investor can tell you that a limited liability company (LLC) is the way to go when it comes to investing in real estate or other assets. LLCs make it possible to limit the liability exposure of LLC owners from Read More

How to Invest in Tax Deeds Using a Self Directed IRA

Land foreclosures and other types of serious financial and debt problems are happening to everybody in this day and age. Unfortunately, while there are programs in place to help many people in financial trouble, there are not any government programs Read More